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Afriscene Radio FM - "Afrika Is Awake" Goes Live.

Africa and the rest of the world will be "awakened" when a new kid in the reggae online radio scene; Afriscene Radio FM launches on the 1st of April 2022. The station is the brainchild of Maveriq Mavo, a creative artist and a visionary, highly passionate about the future of reggae in Africa. In conversation with Jeffrey Romain, who gave birth to the concept of online radio stations working together in terms of filling up the 24/7 lineup, Afriscene Radio was born. 

Mavo, whose ambition was ever to be on the radio, fell in love with the concept as it aligned with his vision. The road to Afriscene Radio Fm began with a pilot show "Reggae From Africa Only" which first aired on Unity Radio in November 2021 and its last broadcast will be on the 31st of March 2022, in preparation to move to Afriscene Radio under a new name "Reggae From Africa Drive"

Mavo desired a team that possessed similar aspirations about the affairs of reggae culture. He roped in four reggae culture enthusiasts, visionaries, and social commentators who will also serve as the stations ExCo. 

DJ Flozz Munyiri, a former Club DJ, is a reggae DJ based in Kenya, has vast experience in the online radio field, coming in her capacity she will oversee the smooth running of the station in its initial stage.

Siphokazii "Habacook" Ntintili is a seasoned stage manager who has managed some of the big festivals in South Africa, she also has experience in radio broadcasting and runs her own Edutainment Media company.

Shantel Semenya is an Arts Administrator, musician, youth activist,  South African Association of Arts Administrators General Secretariat, head of Administration at Alex Arts Academy, and a Project Coordinator for a few projects that give support to Artists in Music or Performing Arts.

"SoulSista" Sekano is a reggae blogger who has been in the field for over a decade and has been keeping the reggae community updated with the ins and outs of the reggae scene. 

The station's statute is to play African music by Africans for Africans, to appreciate all the genres that the motherland offers in turn exposing them to the world, to eliminate the notion that all good music comes from the West. Another mandate is also to play the music that is not played in the mainstream as reggae music gets little to no airplay on most commercial radio stations.

"The west takes good music from us and they bring it back as if it is something new, in essence, the vision is - Mental Freedom"

Afriscene Radio FM will be working with DJs across Africa and Diaspora which will allow the audience to easily access the information they need to stay in the loop with African matters that matter to them. It will boast a 70% reggae playlist from African reggae artists around the world, the 30% will cover the rest of the genres. 

"The station promises to entertain and educate the world about African Heritage, African Pride, The Spiritual being of Africans, politics, with the focus on more music and less talk, Afrika is Awake and not just awake but very much awake, and doing things on its own. If they don't for us, we will do for ourselves, its high time we listen to our own material 24/7" Mavo.

The station will be working with DJs from Lukhanji FM (Queenstown), MPL Online, UCR FM (Eastern Cape), Icora FM (KZN), DJ Flozz (Kenya), Soweto FM, Linkage Radio(New York), Nanang Club (Vienna)

The link with Unity Radio means Afriscene Radio FM programs will also be available in 13 countries and five other radio stations.

Social Media: Facebook

Stream: https://stream.radio.co/s9036b4f72/listen

Queries: afrisceneradiofm.queries@gmail.com