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BeenieKing BS2 releases his latest album "Number One Reggae Album"

The most anticipated album from The Liberian Dancehall King BeenieKing BS2 "Number One reggae album" has been released.

"Reggae was developed in Jamaica in the 1960s from a fusion of various genres. Since its creation, it has evolved greatly with regard to types and influence on popular culture. According to historical records, reggae music was created by fusing European and African folk dance music.

One of the most significant impacts of reggae is its contribution to social change. One key area that reggae has impacted significantly is politics. For many years, the genre has been associated with poor people because a large percentage of its lyrics are aimed at criticizing the various social challenges that exist in society. For example, corruption racism, oppression, violence against women and children, lack of love for one another, and poverty are major themes explored by reggae musicians. Many reggae artists criticize and oppose the prevalence of injustice and oppression in many parts of the world that arise from poor governance and unstable political systems. 

Reggae is a tool for social change, especially in the political arena". "The song fight corruption featuring Nasseman, stop violence against women featuring Black Diamond, Rehabilitation & stop abortion are pure reggae music aim driven songs on the album. Big up to all the producers that made this album a complete project today".