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DJ Astro Black Presents: New Earth Riddim - The Journey Continues.....[Worldwide April 19,2024]

DJ Astro Black Presents: New Earth Riddim - The Journey Continues.....[Worldwide April 19,2024] - After two years in the making, DJ Astro Black is set to launch his long awaited, highly anticipated reggae project, "New Earth Riddim" Known for his meticulous approach to music creation, Astro Black has carefully curated a lineup of phenomenally talented  artists to contribute to this groundbreaking release.

The New Earth Riddim features an impressive ensemble of talent, including Zoe Mazah, Benjaminz, Fitzroy Lee, Melodican, NowSon, Jeremiah "Fyah" Ises, and Stoneface Priest. Each artist brings their unique flair and musical prowess to the project, creating a diverse and captivating collection of reggae tracks.Astro Black, expressed his commitment to releasing timeless music. With a deliberate two-year gestation period, he emphasizes the importance of not rushing the creative process. "I come from the era of an album every two years," says Astro Black, underscoring his dedication to crafting music that transcends time and leaves a lasting impact on listeners.

The New Earth Riddim produced by DJ Astro Black & Melodican is a true global collaboration, with artists hailing from Jamaica, New Zealand, Kenya, South Africa, Europe, and the Dominican Republic. This diverse representation enriches the project, infusing it with a rich tapestry of sounds, rhythms, and cultural influences.The reggae community eagerly anticipates the release of the New Earth Riddim, which promises to be a testament to DJ Astro Black's artistic prowess and his commitment to creating music that will stand the test of time. This project is a musical journey that transcends borders and unites listeners in a celebration of reggae's vibrancy and soulful essence.

DJ Astro Black invites music enthusiasts, reggae lovers, and fans worldwide to join him on this remarkable musical voyage as he unveils the New Earth Riddim.