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 Humanitarian, RuFF CuTT Studio owner and recording multi-platinum selling South African Reggae / Hip-Hop artiste Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka DON DADA inspired by the concept of “ubuntu “ (I am because you are) and “each one teach one” a phrase coined by our freedom fighters who were incarcerated during the times of the oppressive apartheid regime, comes his new single entitled “One for another.” produced by the two-time Grammy award nominated, one-time Grammy award winner Bernard (Touter) Harvey of Inner Circle Band and founder of Jamaica’s very own Juice TV Delroy Thompson.

“Music has the capacity to heal, even if just for a moment“ Don Dada

Reggae is a powerful music of freedom, justice, and One Love, principles that were upheld among those that strived to better our nation and continent. That is the backdrop of the single “ONE FOR ANOTHER” making it appropriate that the release coincides with Reconciliation Day in South Africa. The single in which Don Dada had the performance privilege to debut on South African national television for Youth Day is now available on all digital services worldwide distributed by Tuff Gong International.

Through his works, Don Dada has continuously pioneered a new generation of hope and calling for Africans at home and across the diaspora to rise up and unite, if we are to build a better world for future generations to come. One For Another is a call for self-reflection and to refocus our efforts and energies on coming together to build that future. On “One For Another“ Don Dada delivers a message of self-improvement, the issue of housing, and the low standards of living that are affecting large portions of our communities on the African continent at present. His delivery is done in a smooth mixture of reggae toasting with a hip-hop flare giving the track multiple dimensions while allowing Don Dada to explore such Complex content with ease. The production for the song was created by two-time Grammy award nominated, one-time Grammy award winner Bernard (Touter) Harvey and founder of Jamaica's very own Juice TV Delroy Thompson and utilises a deep driving bass accompanied by melodic percussion that drives the song forward with beautiful energy and infectious tempo.


Already having won the hearts of many people with his multi-platinum hit "Viva Mandela," his singles “JAH IS GOOD" and “Heal Mama Afrika” reminding the world that pre-1873 Africa was borderless. UNITY and NO MORE look for healing and moving forward eliminating social ills and uniting to become stronger together and finally his album “ALKEBULAN” changing the narrative of the negative events that affect our beloved Afrika, addressing social issues while bringing messages of Self-pride, love, hope, peace, reconciliation, and celebration yet still capturing the essence and vibrancy of Africa.

Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka DON DADA continuously pushing boundaries, changing the norm, and quickly moving beyond static thinking by reinventing the game. He is fast becoming an industry thought leader by breaking tradition and creating ground-breaking possibilities for growth for himself and others in the music business. Don Dada in the entertainment industry has achieved a great deal as a Reggae/Hip-Hop artist and social influencer since he made his debut on the prestige 2016 Mandela Day Concert stage in Johannesburg South Africa.

Don Dada in the entertainment industry has a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and positivity, and with this boldness and unwavering passion for Africa to RISE, has not only achieved a great deal as a Reggae/Hip-Hop artist and social influencer but also as someone who wants to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Don Dada’s vision of united Africans is simply to encourage the youth at home and abroad to step into their destiny without fear and continue shining the light through education and unity. Don Dada has grown his Reggae / Hip-Hop career; established himself as a social entrepreneur, motivational speaker, Radio Host, and events MC, who realised early in his life that he wanted to pursue a purpose-driven life. With his vision to encourage the youth, Don Dada continues to ‘breath life through music’. Don Dada's plea to other social influencers “The word that reaches the furthest the fastest comes from social influencers so I encourage Africans at home and abroad to use your voice and platforms to encourage others to come together as one to build that better and progressive Africa #LetAfricaLead” at home and abroad.

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