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Empress Naphtalia: From Reggae Royalty to Production Powerhouse.

Empress Naphtali: From Reggae Royalty to Production Powerhouse - House of Makeda Entertainment is Born

South Africa's music scene just got a whole lot richer with the launch of House of Makeda Entertainment, the brainchild of none other than the Empress of Reggae, Naphtali. Drawing on her Ethiopian roots and infectious reggae dub sound, Naphtali isn't just making music anymore; she's building a platform for artistic expression across the board.

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House of Makeda Entertainment is more than just a production company. It's a collaborative haven, a springboard for diverse talent, and a beacon of inclusivity within the South African arts scene. Here's what makes it unique:

Rooted in Reggae, Reaching for All: While Naphtali's reggae roots form the foundation, House of Makeda embraces all forms of artistic expression. Music, performance art, fashion, photography, cinematography – you name it, they support it.

Empowering New Voices: The company actively seeks out and champions underrepresented artists, ensuring a rich tapestry of perspectives and experiences in their productions.

Beyond Entertainment, Towards Impact: House of Makeda's projects don't just entertain; they spark dialogue, reflection, and positive social change. Their art aims to leave a lasting impact on the world.

Collaboration is King: At the heart of it all lies collaboration. Artists from all walks of life are encouraged to connect, share ideas, and ignite creative alchemy together.

Why collaborate with House of Makeda Entertainment?

Join the Empress's Court: Work alongside a music legend known for her vision, talent, and dedication.

Become part of a Creative Family: Immerse yourself in a supportive network of talented artists across various disciplines.

Push Your Boundaries: Experiment, innovate, and challenge the status quo in a collaborative environment that fosters growth.

Make a Difference: Create art that goes beyond entertainment, contributing to positive change in South Africa and beyond.

If you're a creative mind seeking a platform to express yourself, challenge yourself, and make a difference, House of Makeda Entertainment is your calling. Contact them today and join the Empress in building a vibrant, inclusive, and impactful artistic landscape in South Africa.

  • 062 906 6349
  • empressnaphtalibookings@gmail.com