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International Reggae/Blues Artist on World Tour Available for Booking in South Africa & Lesotho until November 24

*Cover Image By  Bertram Yellowb Claasen  

Syd Perry is a Jamaican/Canadian, Roots Reggae/Blues singer-songwriter. He is known for playing a 12 string guitar and the harmonica at the same time. Mostly inspired by the Rocksteady era (late 60s), Roots Reggae of the 70s and Blues music of the 40s and 50s, Syd has an original sound known as Roots Blues Reggae.

Based in Portland Jamaica, Syd Perry has toured across South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, England, Canada, Jamaica, México, the Hawaiian Islands and New York City. He has performed countless restaurants, bars, cafes, resorts, hotels, private events, corporate events, weddings, in-store performances and on-call performances.

Syd Perry Live in Black Labone, Pretoria, South Africa. Image: @fvcked_up_photography. 

Syd Perry is currently on his very own World Tour as well as has just recently released the 'Gold' EP, recorded in Half Way Tree, Jamaica as well as the official music video for 'Propaganda', filmed in Maui, Hawai'i. His single & video 'Crime-Free Jamaica' which features the legendary Earl Chinna Smith (lead guitar), inspired Syd to tour the primary schools in Jamaica performing voluntarily, as well as spreading the message of a crime-free Jamaica with an occasional 1 minute segment on CVM television. As well his song 'Food Security' inspired Syd to start a project where him and his team donate, distribute and plant fruit trees to communities in need across Jamaica.

His music and his mission is intended to uplift and enlighten all people everywhere through the message and livity of RasTafari.

Syd Perry will be touring South Africa & Lesotho until November 24. If you are interested in booking Syd Perry for a live performance, either solo or with a backing band please contact us at sydperrymusic@gmail.com

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