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Majestik Legend Presents: Music on the Frontline Vol.1 |  JustaHub Recordings 2023

A rich and diverse compilation of music showing the depth and array of talent from the region. Uganda is a cross-frontier territory where all languages from French English to Luganda are spoken. The choice of Majestik Legend to team up with Ugandan artists clearly shows his intent to address his message across all borders and social classes, and reveal the identity and originality of African sounds through the variety of genres from Hip-hop - French Rap - Afro Rap - Afro Folk - to Slam. This compilation was arranged by Majestik Legend and regroups musicians from the city of Kampala - East Africa making conscious music. Their mission is to spread a message of peace and awareness to help overcome all injustices, artists, and Rastafari face daily in Africa. Music as a weapon to help artists fight to keep their rights for expression and creation alive and give hope for the future of artists on the continent.

Music on the Frontline Vol.1 was produced at JustaHub recording studios based in Busabaala, Kampala Uganda. Mastering by Adub. Artwork by Sophia L. Burns.

MAJESTIK LEGEND, his real name Yedidia Katende Kadima born March 20, 1991, in Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a singer, actor, lawyer, and activist. The majestic legend is the new emblem of Congolese revolutionary rap with the Pan-African model. it cultivates 100% educational music of positive change and peaceful revolution in the colors of Africa. Whether it’s the drums, heavy or fast, the cocoon of agitated guitars, the militant energy of the brass, or the bewitching voice of Majestik legend, everything is rhythmic. Majestik legend shares several cultures that he each defends, speaks several languages, and sings his music for everyone. Concerned by the problems of his country, he does not hesitate to say openly, what he thinks, to name names, and to point out the wounds of the finger, from Uganda where he is an immigrant. He alternates between French, Lingala, and Swahili, his native language, which goes very well with his committed and colorful lyrics. 

A militant singer, he advocates peace and unity and asserts his ideas without violence. “Our role as artists is to calm things down and let people know what’s really going on.” Truly charismatic, he inspires other young people, being the model role of the HEM movement (hip-hop education movement) to make their passion (music) a profession and thus be able to exist through artistic creativity. he has collaborated with various artists from the label (Roots Natty Shante - Poros) being the main producer at JustaHub Recording Studios since 2021 as well as releasing under his collective Hip Hop Education Movement  Hem Bandcamp FACEBOOK


(b.1995) From Masaka Uganda - works and lives in Kampala, Phitzo is a recording and performing artist producer percussionist fashion designer. A member of Ba Cypher Kabaka a collective that uses the affiliated elements of hip hop as a tool to transform communities. A member of Nilotica Cultural Ensemble, a spiritually driven collective that uses traditional instruments to heal communities. As a performing artist, Phitzo has been able to perform at various events and festivals, individually and collectively with Ba Cypher Kabaka and Nilotica Cultural Ensemble. (Batalo, Nyege Nyege, Breakfast Jam, Laba Festival, Doa Doa, Roast and Rhyme, Hip-hop for society). Phtizo Kiganda is also a co-founder at Njuba Village a creative space open to artists with freedom for self-expression that has been featured in collaborations with local and international artists and producers (Switchstance Recordings, Ambrizo (KE) People Army, Spooky DJ, East African Records, JustaHub) Founder of the OSCA, the old school assembly traditional hip hop event to celebrate the hip hop culture. All elements are celebrated plus DJing making breaking beatboxing street fashion. Work with a lot of creatives on this event including just artists. Co-Founder of the IMAN Market indigenous market for artists and natives. Facebook Instagram

Bani Fyah also known as Zion Dawta is a recording and performing artist from Uganda. Started her musical journey as a reggae DJ back in 2012 after high school. As a DJ, she has performed at various events and festivals. Founder of Reggae Show, a series of weekly reggae nights in Kampala where she featured a couple of Uganda reggae artists. She was a radio DJ at Galaxy FM. Bani Fyah then picked interest in singing around 2017, and since then, it’s been a wave of performing, recording, and numerous collaborations. She released her first album called Trust in Jah. She has represented as one of the very few female reggae artists in Uganda and has performed on shows like Reggae at the Nile, Nyege Nyege Fest, Camp Regage, Jungle Reggae Vibes, Morgan Heritage concert in Uganda, Bob Marley Celebrations, etc. She has collaborated with local and international producers and artists like Switchstance Recordings (GER), and Razor East African Records. Featured on the democracy Riddim from Tuff Gong. Also, co-worked on a number of Dubplates with the sound system Lion People Band Black Roots People Band. Facebook Instagram

Blessed San - Ugandan Rastafari songwriter poet MC Blessed San is a recording artist based in Kampala, Uganda. He has been singing for approximately 17 years, mainly doing live performances across East Africa. He has released several albums and EPS with various Record Labels artists and producers from East Africa to Europe (Switchstance Recordings; East African Records, Mungo Hifis; Joe Moocha)  Instagram Facebook 

Louis Rwamafa - (b.1990) Ugandan Rastafari songwriter poet percussionist and Dj at JustaWhatRadio!? aka Dj RWA - organises broadcasts JustaChilledSound and JustaJam collaborating with local and guest artists from the city. His work as a Dj and stage designer for JustaHub has also given him the opportunity to perform at Bayimba Festival and other various events within the rising music scene in Uganda. Instagram Facebook 

Roots Natty Shante - (b. 1989) Ugandan Rastafari songwriter and musician part of the label JustaHub Recordings since 2020 where he has released several EPs - and collaborated with various producers including Poros (UK) - Majestik Legend (DRC) Natural Calamity (UG) - Ras Tinka (UG) Profile on Bandcamp - Instagram - Facebook

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