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MAN WAZIMU – HUSTLERS VS DYNASTY (Edge Star Production) 2022

Artist: Man Wazimu

Title: Hustlers vs Dynasty

Produced By: Edge Star Production with K.A On The Beat

Released: 14 June 2022

Man Wazimu officially known as Peter Wagany has released a dancehall song titled ‘Hustlers Vs Dynasty'. The song is about addressing the division caused by politicians during elections. This is an intellectual song with the chorus, ‘Thesis, antithesis, synthesis, Hegelian dialect, hustlers vs dynasty story, Hegelian dialect’.

Hegelian dialect is a philosophical concept formed by a German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel where the proposition is the thesis, and then the antithesis is the counter to the proposition resulting to a higher truth synthesis. Politicians have perfected the art of developing slogans to get elected no matter what. They have reduced the citizens’ minds to nonentity that cannot grasp issues that affect them unless reduced to two choices like good vs evil and, right vs wrong.

The social media where youths mostly get their so-called news is a manipulated purveyor of curated news to achieve a specific outcome. The thesis and the antithesis you're told while the synthesis is not revealed. The song and the video are produced by ‘Edge Star Production” with ‘K.A On The Beat”.

Song writer, Singjay reggae and dancehall musician Man Wazimu is a Nairobi, Kenya based musician. A native of the community of Mukuru Kwanjenga a slum in Nairobi where life is economically challenging with social issues has shaped his bias in the music industry. An adherent of the Seventh Adventist faith he is a Saturday Sabbath keeper who works six days a week and rest from Friday evening to Saturday evening. 

The economic circumstances of his upbringing have made him passionate about equitable credit access to people, especially the underprivileged get. The upliftment of the people is through messages and also participating in endeavors that are practical, realistic, and calculated to lift the people from poverty to better status.

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