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Manzy Mecca - Jah Makes It Easy

Emmanuel Kachili (born 8 April 1989), better known by his stage name Manzy Don Mecca is Malawian Afrobeats, Reggae Dancehall singer, songwriter and performer. Dedicated to growing his music, Manzy has found himself collaborating with renowned artists across the country creating the massive hits that got airplay across radio stations. Singling out "Sidingachitire Mwina" that received massive broadcast on most tv channels in the county including Malawi Broadcasting Corporation; the national broadcaster.

He continues to solidify his place in the industry with his Cool Pro Royal Riddim produced "Jah make it easy." Cool Pro Royal Riddim was released on the 1st of June 2021 and features over 70 talented musicians across the globe and available on Five Volumes. The song featured on Vol.2; according to him, speaks about being a recipient of Jah's salvation. "When your enemies are trying to push for your downfall but Jah is always there, he makes it hard for them to conquer and easy for you to not fail or fall." The song leaves one optimistic and is meant to make you feel as if you are ready to face whatever may come. "You know after living with too many people who pretend to be your friends yet turn out to be praying for your downfall, it's so hard to simply move past it but you needn't give up because Jah makes it easy." From the moment you press play to when he says, "Keep pushing on, because you trust yourself. Selassie will forever guide your ways" and through to the last second the song is very enjoyable and uplifting. 

Manzy persists to put in the work and make waves. He has talked about 3 studio projects he plans to release later on in the year. Jah makes it easy and has made a great impression. If he consistently keeps up with the high bar he has set for himself, great things are sure to come his way. The artist has also broadened his horizons, not limiting himself to making great music but venturing into the clothing industry as well. 2021 marks the release of Manzy Mecca Official Clothing Brand which should be available for online purchasing this summer.

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