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Mpho Molikeng Presents: Mamokhorong The Experience

Mpho Molikeng Music: (Band & Solo) - Is a contemporary Basotho traditional music band. The band was first formed in 2009 by Mpho Molikeng and friends with a passion for Lesotho music as ‘Likoefa’ (a term loosely translates to Macho men). The main instruments of the band are Sekhankula (a bow made of oil can), Moropa (Basotho drum made of tyre tube and bottle tops) and voices. The band has added a classical bass guitar and a few other Lesotho indigenous gems like Lesiba, Thomo & Mokhope. THE BAND IS COMPRISED OF: 1) Mpho Molikeng – Voice, Lesiba, Mokhope, Sekhankula and percussions 2) Kabelo ‘Sefako’ Makolometse – Voice, Sekhankula and praise-poetry 3) Rethabile ‘Koete’ Motale – Voice, drums and praise-poetry 4), joining them on this show is Lebo Ketlele – Bass and Mosoue Ketlele on Percussions. Their sound is a cross between Famo, Ntlamu and Afro-jazz.

Mpho Molikeng shares Mamokhorong - the experience at Sawubona Music Jam in Chiawelo, Soweto on the 05/April. Mamokhorong, as one of the instruments that Molikeng plays, he decided to put a microscope on this mecca of an African instruments that crosses between few other Southern African ethnic groups.

During level 5 lockdown he challenged few of his friends across the globe who play bow musical instruments to part take in #lockdownchronicles #lockdownmeltdowns and shared interesting bow sounds, it was at this point that a page MESMERIZING INSTRUMENTS AND SOUNDS on social media made a feature on Molikeng and his instrument Mamokhorong also known as Sekgankula and many people engaged on it. 

It was at this point that he realized the world needs to be taught on the music of Africa, hence Mamokhorong - the experience. The show is part of CONCERTS SA digital mobility fund where musicians stream their performances online for the world to see. This show will be online via quicket.co.za at a later date.

Mpho Molikeng has been sharing Basotho music with the world for two decades now. He believes Africa we have been waiting for is here and requires all of us to pull together to realize it.

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Video: Kabelo Makolometse - Mamokhorong/Voice