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Bridging Unity and Celebration: The Bridge Riddim Echoes The Historic Coronation Of Emperor Haile Selassie - VA [Kazi Ya Shamir] November 2023

25 October 2023

The Bridge Riddim connects artists and audiences from Kenya, Jamaica and the USA in a global network of grassroots reggae music. Another Kazi ya Shamir, musically The Bridge Riddim is a blend of heartfelt lovers rock and soothing Neo-Soul with the sensibility of a one drop roots and it features the masterful guitar playing of Derek Wood from Circadian Riddims. Lyrically this project showcases a blend of English, Swahili and Jamaican patois on songs addressing love, relationships, life lessons and fallen soldiers.

Construction for The Bridge Riddim started way before the riddim was ever built. 

Before the music could connect, relationships were formed between like minded artists from distant locations around the globe. When Livalect the Healer first linked up with DJ Steve Junior of Vybez Radio in Kenya, the result was instant magic. Through DJ Stevo, Livalect connected with the prolific Kenyan reggae artist and producer Shamir Tadeiya and the Bridge began to expand. Beginning with the production of a music video for Livalect the Healer’s “Leaving Outta Rome” shot in Nairobi and Boston in 2019, then coproducing the Livalect the Healer release “Through The Storm”  in 2021 and finally dropping a combination tune “Strong” produced by Shamir in 2022, all of these works have led up to this 2023 Kazi Ya Shamir release of The Bridge Riddim to the world.

“Serious” is a beautiful ballad by Kenyan artist/producer/entrepreneur extraordinaire Shamir Tadeiya, who also produced the Bridge Riddim, is an anthem for all of the men who have learned from their mistakes and are ready to take their relationship to another level with no reservations or side projects. Shamir takes on this topic with integrity, crooning in both English and Swahili.

“Don’t Let It Go” is a touching track that features Livalect the Healer giving relationship advice to anyone who feels their love has gotten stale or doesn’t have the patience and dedication to see their relationship through the more challenging stages of life’s trials and tribulations. He warns if you let it go “you may never find true I’ve again”.

“Rudi” is a soothing serenade by Becky Muthoni showcases this Kenyan songbird’s angelic voice. She pleads in English and Swahili for “her king”, Rudi, to come back to his rightful place by her side. She makes no qualms about her sincerity and devotion to Rudi as she literally begs, “Niko chini on my knees”, to be reunited with her love.

“Missing You” is a heartfelt track written and performed by Nourish Fulloflife, Jamaican artist and nephew of legendary roots singer Delroy Wilson. In it he describes his desperation mixed with regret at a relationship that has gone off the rails as he freely admits “ah mi did ah trouble you”. He pledges to “walk on every watah, and precipitation” to rekindle the love he has lost.

“Won’t Last Forever” is a powerful song by Righteous Rush who hails out of Kingston, Jamaica, in which this rising star teaches a valuable lesson about living our best lives through expert and detailed storytelling. Rush reminds us all “don’t wait to you lose that one you love before you tell them that you need them”, something we can never be reminded of often enough.

“Warrior” is an honorary homage by Maj Kiambi and MC Tafari to all our men in uniform. Selectors will have to pull this one up and give a moment of silence as these talented Kenyan artists reassure the families of all fallen soldiers that their memories will never die and they will not be forgotten. “Warrior” is a patriotic tribute to the Kenyan soldiers who died in the line of duty and an anthem appreciation to all warriors all over the world who have dedicated their lives to ensuring that the safety of the people is well secured. In the reflective refrain empress Maj demands we “Buss ah blank for all our fallen soldiers”.

This musical fruit is ready and ripe just in time for the harvest season, and The Bridge Riddim starts streaming on Coronation Day 2023 in honor of the crowning of Haile Selassie as Emperor of Ethiopia. Made up of many masterful melodies and lyrical gems, PRE-ORDER and save this release which is set for streaming in November of this year.