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QueenSoulVibesSA Presents: LERATO - Lovers Rock Playlist.

A common notion across the globe is that money makes the world go round and round but if you look deeper there's nothing that keeps the world moving like Lerato, Uthando Lufuno, Rudo Love, Bolingo, Amor, Pendo, ifê, olufê, Mbeuguel, dia, luzolo. Whether it's sexual passion, playful love, love for everyone, longstanding love, love of the self, or family love, everyone needs that sense of belonging and reassurance that the is someone or people that care deeply for them and therefore would not feel lonely.

"Where there's Love, there is life" Mahatma Gandhi

With that said, we have compiled our favourite lovers' rock anthems for your enjoyment, whether you are going through a heartbreak, celebrating new love, or just feeling the love that's in the air, we hope you enjoy it.  


Pepsin x Reign Afrika – Divide

Ras Caleb – Ndikuudze Something

Gary tight - Hero (Lost Dreams Riddim) 

Mariah Ngoma - Nakupenda

Cello Culture - Colour of Love

Red I Scorch - Sengkganang 

Mujufication - From Afar 

Jeremiah Fyah Ises - Your Love

NC Dread x Luwe Da Lion – Always 

Advokate I – Long Distance Love

Undefynd – Feelings

Cathy Matete – Desire

Ak Songstress - My Proposal

Reign Afrika – Toxic 

Iwan - I promise

Daddy Spencer - Owam

Macdark Director - Love Summary

Black Dillinger - It's Alright

Red I Scorch - Hold You Down

Nutty O - Finesse

Moon Queen - Melanin 

Chantty Natural - Rato La Pelo

Ras Canly – Dhuvha

Pepsin x Empress Maffie Gee – Like This

Lavoro Duro - Tariro

Iley Creation x Blak Kalamawi - Ndiwe

Mojelo - Make Me Feel 

Binti Afrika - Hold Me Close

Winky Dee -  Rudo Harurove

Reign Afrika - Dive In

Jah Rhyno - Decision 

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