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Reggae Alignment Workshop - Report

Issued by Trinity House x Herburn Edutainment

Executive Summary: Reggae Alignment Workshop held on the 19th Feb 2022 @ Trinity House organized by Trinity House and Herburn Edutainment, aimed at reggae revival, conceptualized as an as an initiative to convey necessary information to our Reggae Artists through presentations from relevant stake holders on issues such as Admin and Artist Management, Basic Music Production, Recording, Marketing and Copyrights (legal), Event Planning and Management, Royalties and Funding. 

Proposed Speakers: SAMRO, RiSA, NAC, Prominent Reggae stables, Reggae Legends i.e Ras Crucial, Phumi Maduna and the Lucky Dube Crew, Adv Ras Sipho Mantula & Radio presenters.  

Workshop Overview – The Workshop was highly edutaining as expected with major reggae production companies present i e. Maximum Stylez, Lioness Production. Jah Muzik Prodution (1st SAMA Reggae Award Winner), Gangalee Production, artists and Dj’s from Vaal, Thembisa, Vosloorus Katlehong, Soweto. Invited Stakeholders did not make it due to various reasons i.e SAMRO Southern African Music Rights Organization. (SAMRO’s primary role is to administer Performing Rights on behalf of our members. They do so by licensing music users (such as television and radio broadcasters, live music venues, retailers, restaurants, promoters and shopping centers), through the collection of license fees which are then distributed as royalties), It was established by the South African Copyright Act, and aims to protect the intellectual property of music creators by licensing music users, collecting license fees and distributing royalties to music creators.

(Apologies) -RISA (Recording Industry of South Africa-Trade Association of Recording Industry of South Africa, formed in mid-1970’s as Association of South African Music Industry ASAMI, changed its name to RiSA in 2000 to identify especially with the recording industry. Some of its objectives is to represent the rights of its members through collective licensing and lobbying and organize Annual South African Music Awards. Represent +-5000 in-depended record companies. 

(Apologies) - NAC (National Art Council) An Agency of Department of Arts and Culture in SA operating under the Mandate “National Arts Council Act 56 of 1997 (amended by the Cultural Laws amendment Act 36 of 2001)” The NAC’s Mission is to leverage energy, partnerships and resources to develop, support, promote and advance the arts. By develop we mean Identifying and nurturing artistic talent through funding the academic and professional development of arts practitioners, managers and support practitioners Fostering mentorship and coaching as ways of improving the quality of artistic expression.

Background and Objectives: The 1st Workshop for Trinity House and Herburn Edutainment aimed at creating a platform to voice and get more information shared on music industry, assist evolve and elevate Reggae Music to higher heights by sharing and bringing those who are experienced and equipped to our communities to share knowledge in an attempt to empower each other. Organized and executed with zero budget. The initiative is nonprofitable. There is a need for such workshops, many issues to deal with include matters we did not touch on as yet i.e Dj matters, copyrights on mixtapes, legal matters, branding etc. Events planning and marketing so we get to host big events and attract big audience and a bigger stage for artists. Radio and music Video plug, what formats and criteria is used, contracts etc etc.   

Presentation from Experts: Maximum Stylez, Jah Muzik, Ras JNR Mabokodo, Blue Blackness Production, Lioness Production, Rastafari United Front.

Achievement of the program: We learned about many factors i.e The ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is the international identification system for sound recordings and music video recordings.  ISRC’s serve as a unique identifier for your song that help to ensure your recording is correctly identified. Encouraged to unite, respect one another, our art culture heritage and brands. Network and most importantly plant the seed. Production House and artists shared all they could given the limited time (minutes attached). Unity amongst InI. Hard work on your craft and brands, take time to read contracts get second opinion. Commercializing one brand and being accessible as an artist or Dj. More professionalism a must. RUF here for us.  

Development Goal: Planned 3 National Workshops per year, more expects, artist and professional to be involved, proper planning and co-ordination. Sponsorship and any assistance. Assist any progressive movement toward growth of Reggae. 

Activities: Sound System Culture presentation by GiggsPro Sound System: (Dj Lil Thando (Soweto), Dj K1 Skater (Katlehong), Dj Nahlingah (Voslo-Green Radio), MC Templfyah (Jozi), Dj Teezy (Vaal), MC Cliff (East Rand), King Sfiso “Dub Educator”(Voslo) and Jah Veli Veja (Voslo) on desk till late with Empress Zama Sunshine and Sankie Fyahwoman (Voslo female Artists).     

Credits and Thanks Giving to all:  

  • Trinity House n Crew (Empress Nomonde, Sistah Swazi, Black, Dub Movement Crew) 
  • Herburn Edutainment  
  • QueenSoulVibe_SA 
  • Negust Entertainment 
  • Silent Media 
  • Nahlingah Events 
  • Honorable Thau Thau - R U F 
  • Adv Ras Sipho Mantula 
  • Giggs Pro Sound & Dj Mpendulo 
  • 1Love Movement and Conceptz (Munites of the workshop) 
  • Raw and Beaded 
  • Zookeepa 
  • AccSight Electrical 
  • SAMRO 
  • RiSA 
  • NAC 
  • All production companies and everyone involved - UNITY 

Reggae Workshop Minutes