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Setsuatsue by Chantty Natural

Setsuatsue is setswana for a cyclone. Such a phenomenon typically leaves a trail of destruction in its path. It ends a chapter for the people and their habitat, when it passes through and when it is done, there is need to rebuild for a fresh new start.
With the track Setsuatsue, Chantty Natural captures that searing, distraught state of emotions when one experiences heartbreak, when the beloved no longer desire to nurture this love connection. The expression of the whirlwind of pained emotion being experienced, is delivered over a rhythm that amazingly matches the emotion. He reminisces on the moments where quality time was had in much joy and happiness , something that is evidently gone with the wind now.
The Original Motswansi paints a musical picture of one that fell in love with this mysterious princess, using a metaphorical allusion to both the falling motion to the ground that rain would do, as well as the nourishing effect it has on the earth, with each drop. Pula ya Medupi, is a soft, non hurried but long and consistent downpour, suggesting that the love felt was that which was not fleeting but rather steady and sure, for the long haul. The lady love no longer gives to the connection and has absconded, leaving the man inconsolable and heartbroken. The stolen moments and solid companionship are gone. It can be safely assumed that the artiste has gone through such at some point in his lifetime and this is how he shares his pain and resultant journey to healing and fresh beginning. Romantic love is the most sought after creature comfort but it is almost guaranteed to hurt at some point yet it is a force that melts even the hardest of hearts. This song will therefore find resonance with a great majority of those who have been through the fire and lived to tell the tale.