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Soweto Based Reggae Rising Star To Grace Catch A Fire International Reggae Festival 2024

14 February 2024

Soweto-based Reggae Rising Star to grace the Catch A Fire International Reggae Festival 2024 Johannesburg, South Africa – Layahn King is set to ignite the stage during the Catch A Fire International Reggae Festival, that will take place at Soweto Theatre in Soweto on Saturday, March 9th, 2024. 

Layahn king poster for catch a fire reggae festival 2024

Thabiso "Layahn King" Mayekiso is a musician, activist, songwriter, and a pianist. He has been doing music for almost his earthly existence, He recalls the calling from a tender age. He Lived in KwaZulu-Natal, Newcastle and Durban then moved to Gauteng more than 10 years ago to pursue his music career and grow.  

He has worked with a few artists like Bravo, Cevin Riss, Slice, DJ Sanza, Chunchu Beats, Jah Yut, RJ Benjamin. Recorded with Adziambei Music Academy, Jah Music Production, Baak A Yard Entertainment, and performed in 6 Provinces, also at Jabulani Theatre, Matlombe Theatre, Kwa Lichaba, Sawubona Music Jam, Sedibeng, Smoking Dragon, Don’t Tatazel, just to name a few.  

He joins an exhilarating line-up that boasts international sensations including Reggae Pressure Busspipe from the US Virgin Islands, Dynamq hailing from Sudan, and Zimbabwe’s very own Etherton B & Garry B. These global acts will join forces with South Africa's revered artists and DJs such as the iconic Dr. Colbert Mukwevho, the vibrant Bongo Riot, Paul Mnisi also known as Rudebwoy Paul, the electrifying DJ Dino Bravo, Azania Band, Roots of Kush ZA's, the enchanting Kebra Ethiopia, DJ BOB's compelling beats and the rhythm masters University of Steppas, among others. The event will be energetically hosted by Aviwe Damane and Danger. Fikile Makhalemele of Lioness Productions the visionary force behind this international spectacle shares that this year’s festival not only heralds 30 years of South Africa’s hard-won democracy but also commemorates the influential role of Reggae and Dancehall music in the nation's history. “We are set to honour some of our greatest Reggae legends like Lucky Dube and Jumbo," Makhalemele states. As a highlight to look forward to, the festival will present an unforgettable tribute to South Africa’s Reggae greats, an intimate homage that promises to be one of many special moments at this year’s celebration. Tickets are currently on sale at Webticket (Pick n Pay)

Dynamq South Sudan, catch a fire international reggae festival

Pressure Busspipe - The Virgin Island

Dynamq South Sudan, catch a fire international reggae festival

Dynamq- South Sudan

The Catch A Fire International Reggae Festival, is one of the biggest Reggae-Dancehall festival in Africa taking in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa. A groundbreaking initiative that is the heartbeat of South Africa’s reggae scene is organized by Lioness Productions, a company owned by Fikile Makhalemele, which specializes in Reggae-Dancehall and Rastafari community events in South Africa. 

Catch a fire International reggae festival 2024 final line up

The festival transcends boundaries, celebrates diversity and serves as a catalyst for the growth of South Africa and Africa’s reggae music and culture. The festival, in its 5th year, takes place at the iconic Soweto Theatre. Catch a Fire International Reggae Festival isn't just a stage; it's a platform for South African reggae artists to position themselves globally. It provides the much-needed space for reggae music to thrive, fostering an environment where artists can earn a living while celebrating the unique influence and role of reggae in South African communities and history. 

Catch A Fire International Reggae Festival attracts Reggae and Dancehall music lovers from across Southern Africa than and its more than just an event, Catch A Fire International Reggae Festival is a cultural gathering that encapsulates the vibrancy of South African reggae music, fashion, and lifestyle. With programs implemented across various provinces and cities leading up to the main event, the festival aims to showcase the rich tapestry of reggae, merging both established and emerging talents. It is the ultimate convergence of commercial and underground reggae music, featuring live performances, dancehall, dub, afro-fusion, poetry, street art, film, street fashion, food, and more. This year’s festival is supported by Canna Kingdom, Soweto Theatre, Lift Airliner, and the Presidential Employment Stimulus.

For more info follow Lioness Productions: Instagram | Facebook  |  X Youtube 

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