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As the year draws to a close, we went through our music vault to search for what we believe were the best Reggae Dancehall Riddims outta Mzansi in 2021. We did include Riddims that were released in Dec 2020 as we feel it would be unfair for them to be left out as they did blow up in 2021. We believe that this year Producers and Artists out did themselves, we spent hours in the office arguing about who should get the no.1 spot. 

The decision was non unanimous, there were tears and some screaming here and there but for peace sake we all had to agree to disagree 😊. 

Please enjoy and let us know what you think.  Stream/Download, support the movement ✊

1. Sexology Riddim - Maximum Stylez Records and Publishing

2. Reconciliation Riddim - Lavoro Duro

3. Solid Foundation Riddim - FlyWeh Records

4. Love You Riddim - Shumba Productions

5. Looking 4ward Riddim - Jammin Media Group

6. No Exit Riddim - FlyWeh Records

7. Evil Zone Riddim - FlyWeh Records

8. Guardians Riddim - Lavoro Duro

9. 12 Tribes Riddim - Dr. Dread

10. I Surrender Riddim - Jammin Media Group