Abongile Gxekwa known as AGMoshwonderDerasta

Abongile Gxekwa known as AGMoshwonderDerasta was born and raised in MOLTENO a small town located in the Eastern Cape Province (South Africa) the year 1997 on the 31 of January. He is an Upcoming Reggae Musician, Dancehall and Afrobeats Artist. The artist finished grade 7 in Nceba Primary School and went to complete high school in Joe Slovo Freedom High from grade 8 to grade 12 but unluckily he did not pass grade 12. 

The year 2012 he lost his mother due to natural causes and he believes it was when it all became reality that he can write messages from deep ends of the heart. In 2018 before the year end, going to 2019 AGMoshwonderDerasta started to become more focused on the music production through a friend's Music Production called "Zitha Music Production" where he recorded his first song titled "Yiza Mzala" a kwaito version, that is where he recorded 3 tracks under the Red Blood Road riddim wise Album 2020 (available on all music streaming stores). 

The 2020 riddim wise album features tracks recorded through different studios, Theshman Music Production and MTZ record. He has worked with a Publishing Production known as "QueenSoulVibes SA" in help through promotion of the album and future projects. AGMoshwonderDerasta have performed in events around his hometown (video on YouTube). He was also nominated in the  MAMA2020 under the category of "Best Upcoming Artist"  and through this year 2023 he has been nominated in the MAMA2023 under the same category. He has been part of the 4KHAS REGGAE TOP CHARTS and won such levels through the program (see proof on the group's Facebook page @Afrisceneradio @4KHASREGGAETOPCHARTS2021 and year 2022 where he won slot or became number 1 on the leader board.

AGMoshwonderDerasta joined hands of work with the Record Label/Production known as "La Familia Gang record" from the year 2021, the same year he got to have his first international interview with a Dancehall Dj from the United Kingdom through an online show "UK Tuff Live show" by DJ DaddyUK which is available on YouTube and on the Dj Instagram platform. He released songs through the production the year 2022, got to perform in a Virtual Concert on 7th May 2022 held in the USA (Chicago, Illinois) hosted by Mr Lafayette Hamilton which it became a success and it can be seen online or made available on YouTube @THEPRYDEFOUNDATIONVIRTUALCONCERT.

He has worked with a multiple of producers, artists, selectors and promoters as he has a number of songs featured by Djs in their mixtapes also available online or see links on my Facebook page @AGMoshwonderDerasta_Mzansirsa. 

Up to this year AGMoshwonderDerasta has been working very hard in Developing or Maturing the skill of writing songs and it has been a hell of a ruggy road with the talent growing big plus strong in me, He released a riddim project titled "Blue Venom Girl riddim" which features 5 artists (a medley) from South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana. The riddim is available through Audiomack, Grocafrica and on MediaFire.com a release of January 30th the year 2023. 

cover of Abongile Gxekwa known as AGMoshwonderDerasta Blue Venom Girl Riddim

"Live Like and Love Life" it's a thing called EVERLASTIN CONNECTION #Simplicity 

I have been working through production music links, networking with other individuals (Elderly and young) making the circle bigger through teachings received and experiences. I have latest releases through the month of May (29 May 2023)with 3 New songs available on YouTube and Audiomack, one done under the "Anno Domini Nation Beats & Legion Beats" a family or production i linked this year and the other 2 songs are originally from the LFG record.

I am an independent or freelancer Musician with full confidence, passion, dedication and assured skill to Heal plus Educate through the connection of Lyrics, Vocals and Melodies. I am looking forward to doing more works of His Imperial Majest, it is a livity to me not a belief.

 2023 :

* Blue Venom Girl riddim 30 January 2023