Andrew Kiffin aka  Informative History Man

Whenever one sees or hears about History Man the first thing comes to mind is Informative. This is a household name that has led him to over 15 countries throughout the world including United States, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Columbia, Mexico and as close as Panama, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana. The power of his music has led a number of foreign nationals to do collaborations with Junior C from Argentina, Sister Caro from France, Don Goliah from Germany, Nespo Fernandez from Columbia, Ras Nniemjah from Ivory Coast and Sauti from Japan. He has released Two dynamic album- "Chronology vol. 1" with 17 tracks and Time With Patience with 16 Tracks.

The Kingston-born, Andrew Kiffin a Rastafarian with deep roots in Africa is so versatile that he is able to roll from his lips a wide collection of informative songs like "Twenty -Three Prime Ministers of Canada," "Forty- five Presidents of America," and at home, "Bob Marley Story," "African Inventors," "Tribute to Marcus Garvey" and "Jamaica's Nine Prime Ministers."

On the flip side of his musical record are "No Discrimination" the theme song for Jamaica AIDS support and "Heart Desire"- a song for the ladies. His collection is so wide that one is eager to attend his performance to get even a glimpse at his reservoir of unique delivery. On several occasions, fans have been stunned at the wealth of his edutainment which is described as incredible and unforgettable with one of his songs featured in the movie, "What Goes Around Comes Around." 

Born from a strong and vibrant musical family, History Man is quick to tell everyone that, "I didn't choose music, music choose me." And, it is not surprising that he is related to such musical icons as Tinga Stewart - a past Festival song winner; Tinga Stewart, Jamaica's celebrated guitarist Ernie Ranglin, the amazing Aston George Hewitt from the famed Jungle Lava Band which has backed heavyweights as 1,000 volts John Holt and George Nooks. He recalled, through the memory of his grandmother that as early as age two he would rock himself to sleep with a self-imposed lullaby. 

At Chatsworth All-Age he along with his friends would use their desks as part of a make-shift studio to orchestrate lyrics that award him thumbs up from his peers. He then realised that this hobby could elevate him to a stardom position. The true test of his talent was demonstrated at Pop-corn Talent Show where he copped first place. This led to a winning streak with similar results at Portmore Carnival Talent Search and Tastee Talent Contest which unearthed such big wigs as Beenie Man, King Yellow-man, Nadine Sutherland and Mr. Vegas. This popularity has landed History Man to shows like "Rebel Salute,"(2008-9), the very hot "Sting," Capleton the Fire Man "St. Mary mi Come From", and Bob Marley series of shows. Now a lead singer for Jungle Lava Band- which is poised for s series of international acts, it would take an entire encyclopedia to inform one about the Informative History Man like that when the world watched Man's first step on the moon which had millions glued to History Making. 

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