Detective M The Future Farmah

Muthulisi Musevenzi well known as Detective M the Future Farmah in the music circles was born on the 10th of November 1994 in Zvimba a town near Harare, Zimbabwe. Growing up he always enjoyed singing and playing homemade can drums. It was after his father's death that his family relocated to Torwood a small mining town in Kwekwe under the Midlands Province. He did his primary and secondary education at R.J Davies and Batanai High respectively. He realised his love for the arts at a tender age as he was always a feature in school plays and choirs. Life in the ghetto is often tough for most people all around the world and he wasn't spared the hardship, worse without a father figure in the family. 

He officially started recording at the age of 17 in late 2011 with the help of Manix Bros records. His first recording was a reggae song, it was well-received because it touched hearts and was relatable. He kept on recording and performing at passa passas (street bashes), parties, as well as curtain-raising for big artists as a way of getting his name out there. It wasn't an easy road, he struggled to get money for recording and promotion. 

Millions of Zimbabweans are forced to flee the country due to the crippled economy causing unending suffering due to the ever-rising unemployment rate.

In the year 2015, he relocated to South Africa in search of greener pastures to assist his single mother and a young brother. He then met Dj Asan (a Zimbabwean music producer) based in Pretoria the Capital City of South Africa who helped him pursue his musical dream. He signed him under his then Ward21 Music, did all his recordings, and secured performing deals for him. He has several singles and two albums under his name, the first one being 'Muhana Ndiwe' (In my heart it's you) and 'Perfect Bhachura/Batchelor'. Most of his music was done under Ward21 Music in collaboration with Triple Beez of Manix bros records.

Future Farmah's music is a blend of Zimbabwe's traditional sounds, roots, and modern reggae dancehall.  He is a reggae dancehall and afro-pop singer but not limited by genres. Outside Ward 21, he has worked with Xtreme SoundsSA, Tojies Records, Phat Family, etc.  He is presently working under Esmaq Productions and his record label Rawcash Est. Entertainment. He chose to build his production house because music is something he wants to make his full-time business. His ambition is to go international, performing and having his music played on global platforms with God permitting.

"Never give up on your dream  for no one will make it come true but you."

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