Mojelo Mojelo

Mojelo is a South African multi-genre artist, songwriter, producer, mentor and Ha Boi Productionsʼ Co-founder and Chief of Operations. He currently works with his art curator brother, Ha Boi Pro CEO; Jae HABOI. Mojelo Mojelo as he is passionately known is an amazing character and person when you get a chance to know him better.  He is quite an all-rounded whole musician and producer who is passionate about the development of the craft and creatives that make thereof. 

He has extensive experience in music, having worked with great artists and producers, e.g Veli Shabangu, Mahotella Queens, Lutan Fyah, Tony Rebel, Queen Ifrica, Bolo J, Mapaputsi, Trevor Hall, Soweto TV, Vusi Mhlongo, Hugh Masekela and the late Ghanaian born Jazz legend George Lee Larnyoh who was Mojeloʼs personal music/life mentor for over two years. 

Mojelo fuses various styles of music when making songs. From Hip-Hop, Emo, Soul to Afrobeats, world music and Dancehall to create unique sounding music material with a distinguished taste, sound and meaning. Mo is currently producing and mentoring various artists not only in studio production and performance but also in how to be Business smart and legit in the cut-throat music industrial complex.

He is also a well-traveled globe trotter, who has been to a lot of countries in Africa, the Americas, and Europe where he served various communities through the various organisations including the UN that he worked with. Thus, his experience sets him apart and gives him a holistic outlook at the arts, entertainment, and people in general. Also a popular weed connoisseur, psychonaut and medicinal cannabis advocate, Mojelo advocates for the free use of herbal and entheogenic plants. Be on the look out for more music, artists, and growth from this proudly African creative, executive and entrepreneur. 

Mojelo Recording Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Socialite, Spiritualist & Psychonaut Management & Administrations.

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