"On The Frontline" Mixx Starring Reign Afrika Woman Of A battle - Selekta Massive

"Ladies and Gentlemen as part of celebrating women's month in South Africa l present to you a 55 minutes of great songs recorded by the reigning Queen of South African reggae from Frontline Productions, all the way from Vaal, Reign Afrika and mixed by yours truly-Selekta Massive. 

This mix contains some of the best tracks by Reign Afrika and Skeleton Blazer. The fifteen tracks included are mostly from the triple Sama27 award nominated album, titled "On the frontline".


We have known the fact that Lucky Dube is the undisputed king of reggae but the throne of the queen has never been contested. Bigup to all the women who set the foundation in reggae music like Sister Phumi Maduna , Nkulee Dube, Empress Hotep just to mention a few."

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