Rockerz East Africa Presents: Akwerius Compilation Mixtape - 20 Years Of Afro Roots Hop

Title: Akwerius Compilation Mixtape - 20 Years Of Afro Roots Hop 

Artist: Akwerius

Genre: Afro Roots Hop 

Mixed & Mastered By: Deejay King Raffa

Released: 09 September 2022

Akwerius is a poet/emcee and deejay/host of the Freedom Hour radio podcast. He has toured extensively in the USA and beyond, performing his original style called "Afro Roots Hop"


Part 1
0:00 Children of the Storm 
4:20 Healing Drum 
7:08 Spirit Mission
9:55 Tell Dem
12:44 Horizon feat. Jazi
17:17 Mr Prezident
20:50 Babylon I'm Leavin'
23:37 Unto H.I.M. (instrumental)
27:27 Morning Star
30:50 Hail His Majesty 

Part 2
34:00 Humble Ambitions feat. J Ross Parelli, Baracuda & Solomon
37:27 I Be Hip Hop feat. Fada Dougou
41:30 Mountain song (instrumental)
44:20 How We Do feat. Danny Jackson
48:34 My Life
50:42 Resist
54:35 Roots and Branches
58:18 Song of Ascents 

Part 3
1:01:40 Jah Provide feat. Heirloom Seeds
1:06 10 In the Mountain
1:09:26 Amen Ra
1:11:16 Think Seh feat. Nga Han & Nasambu 
1:13:25 His Name (Live with Mad Professor)
1:15:00 His Name feat. Junior Toots (Mixed by Scientist)
1:18:48 King of  Glory
1:22:24 Christ & Disciples feat. Nga Han
1:25:55 400 Years 

Production Credits:
Music Is Healing (Mt Shasta, CA)
Circadian Riddims (Boston, MA)
Mad Professor (London, UK)
Cuzmosis (Boston, MA)
Storm Before the Calm (Chicago, IL)
Fixa Flat (Chicago, IL) 
Finbar LaMontagne (Los Angeles, CA)
Ronny Raygun (New York, NY)
Heirloom Seeds (Providence, RI)
Roots Natty (Santa Cruz, CA)
Sound of the City (Washington, DC)

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