AGMoshwonderDeRasta - Africans Cry (Black Tears Riddim)
This is a tune reflecting a feeling pon BLACK PEOPLE livity, it is written and recorded by the greatest of Reggae Melodic Jamrag. It is produced outta MTZ records by producer @Dula_apatakimain

Released: 30 January 2021

"Black Minded People

Note : Uthixo wadala  IZULU ne HLABATHI (God created HEAVEN & EARTH), Wadala umntu ukuze aphile emhlabeni waze wamnika UBOMI (He then created/made a person to live pon EARTH and gave LIFE to the human), waza wanika umntu lowo amdalileyo imisebenzi yokokuba ukuze akwazi ukuphila kwelihlabathi kumele azenzele oko kutyiwayo, afumane nako oko kuselwayo (HIM he then gave the person which he sent pon this earth WANTS & NEEDS so the human can seek for both to make it to the next day given).

Now my QUESTION is that, if he gave US life, food & water so we can be able to LIVE and made US to seek for FOOD when we're HUNGRY, seek for WATER when we're in need for use or when we're THIRSTY and there came money in another form so now we have to HUSTLE to make it easy for us to get those wants & needs for our SURVIVAL/LIVITY.

I believe WE ALL know that LIFE is a WANT & a NEED because we all want to LIVE, because there's a NEED for us to live but the real Q is that "Why can't we seek for LIFE so that life could be ETERNAL/INFINITE like the Food, Water & Money we seek everyday because those are products existed BEFORE & NOW still existing in the form of human creation (newly human made products/ Extended/Expanded for long lasting life span which is continuous in all generations, be the old or new generation), why can't we seek for ETERNAL LIFE ??? Why did God not create LIFE to be more valuable like the Food, Water & Money we praise everyday because those 3 don't run out or END like how life does yuh know.

Why ??? Why ??? Why ??" -  AGMoshwonderDerasta

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