AGMoshwonderDerasta - Meditation and Medication (Fire blaze Dubstyle mix) 2021

Title: Meditation and Medication (Fire blaze Dubstyle mix)

Artist: AGMoshwonderDerasta

Genre: Reggae Dancehall (Dub style)
Label: Chessman Records UK / MTZ Record RSA
Produced By: Chessman / Dula Apatakimain
Release Date: 1 February 2021
Riddim: Ragga Zulu
Album: Ragga Zulu 

The project was created by Chester "Chessman" Clarke from UK 🇬🇧 an owner and a producer of "Chessman recordUK" and the vocals were recorded by the Reggae Musician "AGMoshwonderDerasta" from MTZ Record RSA (studio) recorded/produced by "Dula Apatakimain" a rapper and a producer from the Eastern Cape (Molteno, South Africa).

The project consists/is made up of two tunes, an Original tune "Meditation & Medication"  from the riddim "Ragga Zulu riddim" created by Chessman and a remix tune "Fire blaze Dubstyle mix" yes it is a Dub style project for the steppers to shake and remind the inner self of the human emotionally and physically with good vibes of Reggae and Weed, it is a praise song of our Meditational herb or plantation which we call it "Sensimilla" some call it "Weed" so the tune teaches or reminds the humankind that "Dem haffi blaze Op de ganja" it is a good yes "ah real Meditation and Medication" give thanks.

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