Chanting Stick - Trying Youths (Chanting Stick Record) October 2022 | Album

Artist: Chanting Stick

Album : Trying Youths

Featured Artist(s): Ras Vuyo on "X is Right"

Genre: Reggae

Label: Chanting Stick Record

Produced By: Straight Cap Studio and Ganga Lee production

Release Date: October 2022

Chanting Stick Bio

Reason Ngwenya aka Chanting Stick love of music is a inborn feeling that came as a free gift from the God of gods since birth only to manifest in this time.  Chanting Stick is a weapon that burn down Babylon through reasoning, the corner stone of Ras Tafari. 

His music was influenced by gurus like Peter Tosh, Burning Spear Culture, Gregory lsaacs and a whole lot of other reggae legends. 

"Trying Yuts" is the first album of the brand, respect is due to David Aron Motshweni AKA Sling Flabba and Ras Vuyo, Sypah and Cure Massive; They made it happen 

"Big up all ah dem who believed in the vision. Its incredible."

Track List:
1-Climate Change
2 - Living Man
3 - Message to the youth
4-Lotto line
5-Sistren Curvie
6-Bright moon
7 - Trying youths
8-x is right
10-Police Brutality

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