Chantty Natural - S'matsatsa (Tswanshall Records) 2022

Title: S'matsatsa

Artist: Chantty Natural 

Label: Tswanshall Records

Recorded and Mixed @ Live Wire Studios

Genre: Reggae Lovers Rock 

Released: 14 September 2022

S'matsatsa is yet another hot single from Chantty Natural  coming out of his Tswanshall Records /Live Wire Studios in Ramotswa, Botswana.

Chantty Natural welcomes the southern hemisphere spring season with a track as sunny and fresh as the mood for the season. S'matsatsa, translated would render as the  Beautiful One. As always, the catchy beats are perfectly fused with top notch lyricism, the very same Setswana infused poetry that makes Tswanshall what it is, an established reggae sub genre. 

The word se-matsatsa is itself a combination of words  that loosely mean "she is smart." The word "smart" would be used to mean either of "good looking" or "intelligent". The way that the Tswana word "s'matsatsa" is used lately, suggests that it has found its way into both meanings that refer to either good looks or brains, perhaps even merging the dual meaning. It would seem that indeed S'matsatsa is appealing enough to make the artist sing about her. 

The imagery is of a man well and truly in love with S'matsatsa and he makes it clear and poetic in this tune with an upbeat tempo. He can't eat and he can't sleep because he is preoccupied with thoughts about her, simply because she is one of a kind.

The authentic Motswansi sings of how he would never stop expressing this love, even if he had to do it a million times.  He says he would protect this  love connection like a warrior  at war and that S'matsatsa is safe and secure with him at her side.

"Ke go rata-ratile 

Ke go rata-ratile...

S'matsatsa! "

This tune accentuates that intersection between reggae dancehall and the popular music coming out of West Africa and should find wide appeal anywhere in the world.

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