ChuNchu Mataron - Ndiyathandaza

Vincent Chumani Gqwabe also known as ChuNchu Beats or ChuNchu Mataron is a Producer and an artist at Eye On Maan Productions, a company established in 2006 by ChuNchu. He has toured in and around most parts of Cape Town events and has worked with the label Dop Slang Muzik before he formed the company.  He has produced several artists around Cape Town he will be releasing new music from the 5th of November 2021. 

"Ndiyathandaza" meaning "I Pray" By ChuNchu Mataron is an afrobeat Song where he prays for a favorable path for his music and his family. It tells the story of being undermined by people in his music journey but because of prayer and faith he still endures, so he prays for an answer for everything he does.

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