Dimahr's Proof of Life: A New Album Reflecting Life Experiences and Opinions [January 2024]

Title: Proof Of Life

Artist: Dimahr

Label: Concrete Jungle Studios

Produced By: Botanist Mr Lamington x Chincha Music x Jah Link

Mixed and Mastered By: Botanist Mr Lamington

Graphics By: Botanist Mr Lamington

Genre: Reggae Dancehall

Released: 14 January 2024

Dimahr, the First Lady of Concrete Jungle Studios is back with her second studio album "Proof Of Life". This album is a deeply personal project that delves into Dimahr's life experiences and offers her unique perspective on various aspects of life.

Dimahr walking and smiling with hands open: Proof Of Life Album

"After everything I've survived in my life, I am presenting myself as the "Proof Of Life", being alive and healthy is a gift on its own. My album is about my life experiences, my opinion about certain things, and just my truth without sugarcoating anything. I'm also showing my versatility and just expressing myself the best way I know how through Reggae and Dancehall music"

The album serves as a platform for her to candidly express her emotions, thoughts, and reflections. Each track weaves a vivid story, tackling themes such as love, loss, self-discovery, and personal growth.