Faya Uman is BACK and shares a single "Maluma Pholisa" from her upcoming mixtape "Lose Kontrol"

Artist: Faya Uman

Title: Maluma Pholisa

Written By: Faya Uman (isiZulu) x Pradzo Mix (Shona)

Instrumental Prod. by: Muffler (ZW)

Genre: Dancehall

Released: 22 July 2022

Thokozile Zikalala aka Faya Uman is back and in kontrol, those who have been following the reggae scene for a while will remember her for a sassy demeanor, grandeur voice, and being an overall entertainer. 

Faya Uman burst on the scene after entering the then "Popstars" a music contest, where she made it into the top 40. She was bitten by the reggae dancehall bug and teamed up with extraordinary Producer Bereket Tafari of Riddim Yut Production on her maiden EP titled "Musical Chairs". While it seemed like Faya Uman had everything in Kontrol, she, unfortunately, had to take a hiatus due to personal reasons. With all that said, we are very excited and looking forward to hearing her new material and seeing her performances.

"Maluma Pholisa", describes people who smile at you while they stab you in the back, explained in isiZulu and Shona, the song is written by Faya Uman, the instrument produced by Muffler from Zimbabwe, Zulu lyrics written by Faya Uman uQobolwakhe, Shona lyrics written by Pradzo Mix. Maluma Pholisa is a single track from the soon-to-be-released mixtape by FayaUman titled Lose Kontrol a Reggae/Dancehall-inspired mixtape with an eclectic sound from Hip Hop/Kwaito.

" Lose Kontrol Mixtape" will be released on the 30th of July 2022.

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