Jah Sabbatical - Ke Spane (Enlightenment Records, Grounded Roots Records and BM Records)

Album Title: Ke Spane 

Artist: Jah Sabbatical 

Genre: Tswancehall 
Label: Enlightenment Records, Grounded Roots Records and BM Records 
Producer: David Demusician
Riddims: Jah House riddim and Third degree riddim 

This album named 'Ke Spane' which means 'It's work' is really encouraging people to stay alert in every work they do, it starts by a greeting song called 'Dikgomo Tseo' meaning 'those cows' it talks a lot about our culture and tradition and as you know reggae is more into struggle they'll call it political and is called Haekgutle meaning 'Let it come back', the land and it's marijuana then we have 3 love songs Nkaiketsang, Maikutlo and Madiepetsana, which means I don't know what can I do to myself, you comfort my feelings and the girl from Tshwane named Madiepetsana then some dancehall tune called Mathata means 'Trouble' of the earth that cause concubine women and another introduction song called Ba nkitsi meaning 'they know me' then we have ganja tune Called Ntsubisa which means splif of which this album is very courageous when listening to it.

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