Man Wazimu - Naughty [Angaza Msanii Productions] November 2023

Title: Naughty

Artist: Man Wazimu

Produced By: Sharky for Angaza Msanii Productions

Written By: Peter Wagany aka Man Wazimu.

Genre: Reggae

Released: 13 November 2023

Man Wazimu has released a brand new song titled ‘Naughty’. This song is about men thoughts on a woman whom he desires sexually and the interaction between in two in public and private settings. The song audio was produced by Sharky in Angaza Msanii Production a simple, infectious instrumentation that brings out the feel wonderful feeling that the lyrics are delivered in.

Songwriter, Singjay reggae, and dancehall musician Man Wazimu born Peter Wagany is a Nairobi, Kenya-based musician. A native of the community of Mukuru Kwanjenga a slum in Nairobi where life is economically challenging with social issues has shaped his bias in the music industry. An adherent of the Seventh Adventist faith he is a Saturday Sabbath keeper who works six days a week and rest from Friday evening to Saturday evening.

Man Wazimu's major passion outside music is advocating for credit equity, especially for individuals who have little to limited collateral. This is due to my struggles to raise capital to invest in my music and equally my observation of how difficult is it for any person who needs to raise capital, my mantra is ‘credit is like blood transfusion, easy access to it, is necessary’.

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