Natural Heights Production Presents- Rachaad Amarjii - Vessel Of Rastafari EP [April 2024]

Title: Vessel Of Rastafari EP

Artist: Rachaad Amarjii

Label: Natural Heights Production

Executive Producer: Rachaad Amarjii Green

Genre: Roots Reggae

Released: April 2024

On the 9th day of June 1990 Rachaad Amarjii was born in Yallahs, St. Thomas. His first encounter engaging with an audience of the school children, teachers, and staff, reciting a Marcus Garvey speech which he was always was studying after school, his presentation was a phenomenal one which earned him many and loud applauses, he was in love with the art of performing ever since.

Rachaad Green had a passion for music from a tender age but as he got older, his love for music grew more, and he was mostly listening to conscious reggae music. "I got to start listening and loving reggae music after an elder by the name of Desi who operated a carwash nearby our cookshop to a Natural Black Live In Concert. Other artists were on the show like Etana, Anthony Cruz, Chuck Fenda and more were there performing on the tracks but I was really inspired by Natural Black and his live band performance as he was the only one to perform with a live band.

A few days after I luckily met Natural Black, he was in a car vibing to an instrumental, I approached asking him how do you write a song pon a riddim? His response was, 'all you have to do is to just try to hold a conversation with the riddim my yute.' and from that moment I understood what he was saying." After realizing his role on the mission he was on, he began performing on any and every kind of events, from stage, shows to school concerts, even singing on the corner, charitable events in and out of his community, "Music was always in my blood," Amarjii add as he recalls stories his mom told him about Legendary drummer Count Ossie which was a cousin to them. Digital B Studios, owned by Bobby Digital was a place where he called his college, he was introduced to Bobby Digital's son Craig Dixon by a friend called Keiton Wilson (one of his schoolmate) "Being around Dixon I got to learn how to be more professional, the do's and don't of the business. I later recorded a few songs with them."

Inspired by Natural Black, Bob Marley, and The Wailers, Burning Spear, Sylford "Golden Pen" Walker, Sizzla Kalonji, Capleton among others, the melodious reggae singer was also influenced by various genres of music such as Reggae (roots and culture) Souls, RnB, Country, and Western, etc.

In the year 2006-2007 Amarjii finally answered his calling to be the confident man he is today, a roots-rock Reggae Ambassador for his country. "I see it fit to use my God-given talent to soothe the mind, body, and soul of the poor, the needy, the afflicted and the fatherless".

His Latest EP "Vessel Of Rastafari" is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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