Pasco Suhfar X Salma Queen - Loving You (Official Audio) [SuhFar Records & Badkeyz Productions] February 2024

Title: Loving You (Official Audio)

Artists: Pasco Suhfar X Salma Queen 

Produced By: Carlston "Badkeyz" Hector, Dunstan "Pasco Suhfar" Nicholson

2024 SuhFar Records & Badkeyz Productions

Genre: Reggae

Distributed By: Music Embassies Distribution

Release Date: 9th February 2024

"Loving You" is an exquisite blend of Pasco Suhfar's velvety smooth vocals and Salma Queen's mesmerizing harmonies, creating a musical masterpiece that transcends boundaries. The song's enchanting melodies, accompanied by a captivating arrangement, will undoubtedly tug at the heartstrings of listeners, evoking a whirlwind of emotions.

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