Rasbamboofyah - Bamfunani uRasta [ MDDE Records & Irie Ras Records] October 2023

Title: Bamfunani uRasta

Artist: Rasbamboofyah

Genre: Reggae

Label: MDDE Records & Irie Ras Records 

Produced By: DJ Poise & Rasbamboofyah 

Released: 07 October 2023

The song is about Rastafarians facing hardship due to the personal use of ganja (cannabis), it sheds light on the social and legal challenges they have historically faced. Many Rastafarians consider the use of ganja to be a sacrament with spiritual significance, but its legality has been a contentious issue in many places.

The song highlights the struggles of Rastafarians who have been persecuted or marginalized because of their beliefs and practices related to ganja. It also advocate for the decriminalization or legalization of ganja, framing it as a matter of religious freedom and human rights.

Image of Rasbamboofyan

Musically, the song is set to a reggae rhythm, which is known for its ability to convey both joy and struggle. Lyrically, it draws on Rastafarian symbolism and imagery to convey a message of resilience and hope in the face of adversity, also contributes to raising awareness about the experiences of Rastafarians and advocate for social change.

Image of Rasbamboofyah radio show