Sally Mwalr - Woman [Official Audio] December 2023

Title: Woman 

Artist: Sally Mwalr

Genre: Reggae

Release Date: 05 December 2023

It can be so hard for parents (especially fathers) to watch their girls turn into women. A poignant and heartfelt exploration of the emotional journey parents go through as they watch their daughters transition from girls into women. Depicts a touching narrative where a daughter expresses her desire for independence and to start her own family, leaving her parents with mixed emotions. The song captures the bittersweet moment when a young woman asserts her maturity and seeks her own path while her parents grapple with the nostalgia of her childhood. With a combination of sincere and emotional messages, the song evokes a deep sense of love, familial bonds, and the inevitable passage of time. It’s a beautifully crafted song that delves into the universal theme of growing up and leaving the nest, resonating with listeners who have experienced or witnessed such transitions in their lives.

Overall, the song unfolds a deeply emotional and relatable story of a girl's transition into womanhood, capturing the complex emotions experienced by both the daughter and her parents during this significant life change. It explores themes of love, growth, and the inevitability of children leaving the nest.


Verse 1:

She said daddy, I want to go – mm, I have to go

But… These feelings? Will last, daddy – you’ve been a hero

Mommy, I wanna go

Oh – if you ask me…

I wanna start my family, uh – please, wipe those tears, ma’


With determination and defiance, she stormed from her seat and said “I am a woman, now.”

I want to go; I have to go – I am a woman, now

Verse 2:

The mother is quick to go – she’s been in that world

Yes, it sounds familiar – but daddy is bleeding

It’s a flood of memories – no, it’s not control

He looks to his feet as he listens to the baby girl saying -


It’s what my heart desires; please, thanks for the past – but I am a woman, now

I want to go; I have to go – I am a woman, now


They’re throwing memories once again? Yeah?

The people we know are becoming strangers

Yes, it’s part of the world – but it feels different for my little girl

Mm, my little girl; little girl; my little girl; my little girl – my little girl, huh

We used to play; you know? Mm

She says...


I have to go; I have to go – I am a woman, now

I have to go; please, I got to go – I am a woman, now

I have to go; please, just let me go – I am a woman, now

I have to go; please, let me go – I am a woman, now