Fruity Star x Blakka Yut - For the Music (Official Music Video)

For The Music is a feel-good song which is a mix of old school 45bpm classic mid-tempo house track, Kwaito, Amapiano & Ragga.

This track will speak to both the older and younger generation equally because it brings back the good old RaggaGong sound which dominated the South African music scene with a touch of the new school.

The message behind the track is about respecting our craft as artists, also a reminder of how we can bounce back especially from the crisis that resulted from the lockdown during the COVID19 pandemic. 

It is a motivational story that seeks to inspire people to Vibrate High Energies in their lives & and a reminder of how we are constantly creating meaningful memories in our lives through music. 

This project is a collaborative effort between Fruitystar & a young talented artist named Blakka Yut from Carletonville. 

This collaboration has been very meaningful because Lockdowns have hit us hard as artists & the song is meant to show other artists the importance of collaborating during these hard times.

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