Elekanyani Nekhavhambe AKA “Munangiwa Stepfather”

Elekanyani Nekhavhambe by original identity is also known by many names, but preferable “Munangiwa Stepfather” an emerging artist in the music industry. He was born in the small forest land so-called “Mushamba” of Tshandama village. Munangiwa with his relatives was proud to survive by hunting animals and harvesting honey bees as part of cultural and traditional vibes. He then moved to another part of Tshandama village called Maladani during the times of floods between the years 1999 and 2000.

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Munangiwa’s ambition for music came a long way when attending secondary school education at Thengwe High School from 2006 to 2010 where he completed his matric. He has been part of the church worship team of Tshandama New Covenant Church of Christ and Apostolic since 2008 where he learned to improve his vocal. 

His ambitions for music grew gradually as he was following other musicians such as Minister Lufuno Dagada, Dr. Colbert Mukwevho, Mr. Khakhathi Murida Tshisikule, and the likes of Zozo and sengere supper beat. Munangiwa enjoys several music genres Reggae beats, African Rhumba beats, and Gospel music. 

Munangiwa’s album releases are as follows: 

  •  2nd release: Single Track Album African Rhumba titled “Vhutshilo” by March 2022 
  • 3rd / latest release: Single Track Album Reggae beats titled “Ngoho ya Vhana Vhashu” by September 2022 

Music alone at a time cannot be enough alone, Munangiwa believes in education where one has to establish himself in one chosen career wisely. Education and music careers need balance, as they complement one another. By the grace of God, Munangiwa took his academic time and completed his Master’s Degree in Agriculture at the University of Venda in 2017. Thereafter, he became an Agricultural Economist by profession in the South African Agricultural sector.

It is like a dream when listening to his music and looking at where he comes from a previously disadvantaged family. What can we say? God knows it all and has set time for everything. Music with soul vibes of healing, comfort, and motivation has found its way to win Munangiwa’s heart.

Good enough, all three released albums by Munangiwa, are available on musical online digital stores such as Spotify, Apple  Music, YouTube Music, Amazon music, and many more. 

Munangiwa thanks all people supporting his music. Hardcopies for his albums will always be available upon request and buying this album on a digital platform never cease. Very interesting, Munangiwa is enjoying providing his music to various events such as weddings, church conferences, family gatherings, general gatherings, etc.

For bookings purpose call or WhatsApp - 072 636 2428

Email: muapostola@gmail.com