Paul Cultycul

Paul Gideon Nkete was born and raised In Lobatse, Botswana's Bandleng community. Reggae music stars like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Culture, Burning Spear, Don Carlos, etc. were his early Influence. He decided to name himself "Paul Cultycul"; 'PAUL' means 'People of Africa Unite and Live, and 'CULTYCUL' means 'Cultivation of Culture', (People of Africa Unite and Live by Cultivating your Culture).

In 2007, Paul Cultycul had his breakthrough with the hit RB1 Jingle and his 1st studio album, "Cult Session" under Audio Woodhall Records. His album was nominated for the 2nd BOMU Awards for Best Reggae Ragga Album of the year In 2007. After a string of hits From 2008 to 2012, Paul Cultycul released a mixtape 'Tswana Muffin Mixtape: The Symphony of Tswana Muffin Music (a Tswanalised or localised version of Ragga Muffin Music) under Tswana Muffin Production.

That same album/mixtape was nominated for Best Reggae Ragga Album of the year in the 4th BOMU Awards.

In September 2016, Paul Cultycul released another studio album 'Dancehall Session' and later in 2017 he released his Singles Compilation Album which was a collection of all his singles from 2016 to 2017 It was nominated for Best Reggae Ragga Album of the year In the 9th BOMU Awards tor that year 2017.

Most of his songs from the album 'Dancehall Session' to 'Singles Compilation' were heavily played on Rb1 and Rb2. which made him stand alone from all local Reggae Ragga artists to receive massive airplay on local radio stations.

In 2021, Paul Cultycul recorded an album 'Christian Rasta' which was nominated in the 10th BOMU Awards, with that album he continued to stand out from all local Reggae Dancehall artists by getting massive streams from digital platforms and a huge fan base subscribing to his caller tunes in all local mobile networks.

With all these achievements, Paul Cultycul got to be recognised by international radio stations, producers, DJs, and artists in different countries and continents. After building 'Tswana Muffin Music' Paul Cultycul brought another powerful brand called BotsDancehall which he uses to manage local Reggae Dancehall artists, promote their music, and host Reggae Dancehall shows just to rebuild the Reggae Dancehall fan base locally.

Paul Cultycul is expected to release a smashing album called 'BotsDancehall' this year.

For international collaboration, from 2013 till date, Paul Cultycul collaborated with Mr. Oshin from Nigeria in a song called 'Money on my mind'. Paul Cultycul collaborated with Rawpa Crawpa from the  UK in a song called 'Go Down'. Paul Cultycul collaborated with Dynamyt Senorita from Zimbabwe in a song called 'Meet me'. Paul Cultycul collaborated with Kelvin M from Zimbabwe in a song called 'usashore'. Paul Cultycul collaborated with Dj Kastrol from Zambia in a song called 'I am in love'. Paul Cultycul collaborated with Tia Artist from Zimbabwe in a song called 'Got the love'.

He is one of the best super talented musicians who flows well in Reggae instrumentals, Dancehall instrumentals, afrobeat instrumentals, hip-hop instrumentals and even jazz instrumentals to name a few, unlike other artist who can't manage well trying to versatile, he inspires a lot of local Reggae Dancehall artists and some named him 'The Trend Setter'.



Phone number: +267 7131 5531

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His music is available in all digital platforms. Follow and support Paul Cultycul in all social media platforms.

Written by W. Modisankwe