Majestik Legend Presents: Music on the Frontline Vol.1 | @justahubrecordings 2023

A rich and diverse compilation of music showing the depth and array of talent from the region. Uganda as a cross frontier territory where all languages from french english to Luganda are spoken. The choice of Majestik Legend to team up with Ugandan artists clearly shows his intent to address his messsage across all borders and social classes, and reveal the identity and originality of African sounds through the variety of genres from HipHop - French Rap - Afro Rap - Afro Folk - to Slam. This compilation was arranged by Majestik Legend and regroups musicians from the city of Kampala - East Africa making conscious music. Their mission is to spread a message of peace and awareness to help overcome all injustices, artists and rastafaris face on a daily basis in Africa. Music as a weapon to help artists fight to keep their rights for expression and creation alive and give hope for the future of artists on the continent.