Selekta Sir Henry Presents: Da Lion Music Mixtape 2022

Nuno Florencio better known as Da Lion is one of the oldest and most referenced producers in the reggae panorama in Portugal. Composer, author and instrumentalist of great versatility, he began his journey in 2001 by co-founding with Mugsy Ltms, and Duarte Paulo, the mythical band Like the man said, having the privilege of sharing the stage with several artists of national and international renown, including Prince Wadada, Kussondulola, Jahlú Man (One Love Family), Nuno Chaparro, Richie Spice, Don Carlos, Protoje, Horace "Sleepy" Andy Official, The Skatalites Band, among many others.

After several years of deepening knowledge and experience, and being a scholar of the culture, in 2010, Da Lion founded his own production company and label Da Lion Music. With roots reggae as his main identity, his mission is guided by cultural sharing and awareness through his instrumentals, always seeking to work with artists who uphold the same ideals, such as Akae Beka, Christopher Norrisman Campbell, Rob Symeonn , Michael Fabulous, Ras Biblical in the international context and in the national Dudjah, Rubera Roots, Mugsy Ltms, Neyman (URBANVIBSZ), Janelo da Costa (Kussondulola), Ras Damula (Kkv Kikongo Vibration ) , Prince Wadada.


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