Advokate - I - Royal Devotion Ep 2021

Title: Royal Devotion

Artist: Advokate - I

Genre: Reggae

Mixed and Mastered by: Shumba Productions

Executive Producers: Rebel Shumba x Advokate - I 

Released: 05 November 2021

In life we often put ourselves under such immense pressure to succeed, to be the best in all that we do; we glare outside our beings to find that which will fulfill our purpose, disregarding that what we desire is not that much further from us. It is right within us. All we need is to look inward, some self-introspection, to connect with oneself, and never be doubtful of the fire that burns within. 

Advokate's 6 track EP "Royal Devotion" is a culmination of determination and hard work. Reminding one that if you consistently and relentlessly put in the work you are bound to be rewarded greatly. Roping in Rebel Shumba on the production, The EP takes one through a journey of Love, a sense of belonging, and comfort.

Advokate I born Gabriel Munyachu, the Kwekwe born Artist has steadily been breaking ground in the reggae scene. He appeared on the scene a few years ago launching his career with fan favourites Ngatigare Murudo', Up and Down, and Long Distance Love. Advokate, upon meeting Don Franco Tafari (a well-seasoned artist) reviewed his whole stance in music and together the pair worked on his music feel and overall image.

Pic: Shumba Photography

"Royal Devotion was inspired by the realities of life, my passion for music, and the team behind the production. I believe music has got so much influence, I had to use my God-given talent to address life-pressing matters happening around the world. This project is the definition of my name Advokate I, I did it to give the world a better understanding of who I am and what I represent in the music industry and life. I believe reggae is a universal language which is why it's a reggae full-extended play. I'm preaching love, peace, and unity, without love nothing makes sense. Thanks to the production team who made this a success, Rebel Shumba, Jah Rhyno, Allaz, Sparkle T, and Tai Tan UG." Advokate I

Royal Devotion' opens up with "Calling," an upbeat love song that will go down well with Lovers Rock lovers. We appreciate the track "House of Exile," an adaptation of the Late Legendary Lucky Dube "House of Exile" taken from 1991 released Album of the same name. Another song to look out for is "Help Her Out" An appeal to society to lend a helping in eradicating the scourge that is Gender-Based Violence.

The Whole EP is refreshing and should appeal to reggae lovers who love fresh, unpretentious, and straight-to-the-point kind of reggae music. The EP is out and available at all leading major online stores.


1. True Love (Beat by Tufflion Music - Malawi)

2. Calling (Beat by Tufflion Music - Malawi)

3. House of Exile (Beat by Riverbank Records -Zimbabwe)

4. No Love  (Beat by Riverbank Records -Zimbabwe)

5. Help Her Out (Beat by Bigspit Music - Uganda)

6. Up and Down - Bonus ( Beat by Tufflion Music - Malawi, Prod. by Soft Attack Music)


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