Corden Barrett - How Long Will You Stay Away [HeavyUnit Productions] October 2023

Title: How long will you stay

Artist: Corden Barret

Label: HeavyUnit Productions

Recorded at the studio @iamdajourneyproduction 

mixed and mastered by Orville Williams 

Produced By: Corden Barrett 

Genre: Reggae

Released: 16th October 2023  

Corden “Heavy Unit” Barrett is a is a multi-faceted music producer, musician, businessman and recording artist. He was born and bred in Jamaica but currently resides in Canada. A Juno awards winning saxophonist and piano player, he has work with several artiste over the years like kirk Diamond, Marvia Providence, Kafinal, Donnett Thompson Hall, Jah Nissi, and others in the capacity of a composer, arranger, producer and or providing backing band and other musical services.

He prides himself in doing music that is impactful, meaningful and with a high standard. His intention is to bring his brand international success and to be able to help burgeoning talents along their musical journey. Corden has released a myriad of songs, his latest being “How Long Will You Stay Away.” Expressing many emotions, the song tells a captivating story while showcasing the artiste’s voice in a beautiful way

"How long will you stay away" song revolves around a love story about star-crossed lovers. “It’s a love song about a guy missing the love of his life who had walked away from their relationship. He is crying out for her to come home, while reminiscing on when they were together and now he’s asking how long she will stay away. In essence it can apply to anyone missing someone.

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