Exalate Livan's New Single "Scared Nuh Body" Sends a Bold Message of Fearlessness - [Livan Muziq] March 2024

Artist: Exalate Livan
Track: Scared Nuh body
Genre: Hostile Dancehall
Label: Livan Muziq
Producer: Exalate Livan
Release Date: 19 March 2024

Exalate Livan drops his first single in 2024 titled "Scared nuh body".

In "Scared nuh body", Exalate sends a powerful message to his critics and haters. The chorus of the song repeats the phrases "are you scared" and "scared nuh body", emphasizing his fearlessness and confidence in himself. He urges listeners to not take things personally, stating "if it feels like a diss then it's you being dissed".

So if you are feeling like you are being dissed, what are you gonna do about?