Find Solace In The Healing Melodies Of "Remedy Album" By Ashraff 30 [April 2024]

"The inevitability of death is what bestows preciousness upon life itself. The keys to realizing one's dreams lie in perseverance and passion. Haste ruins everything. Love, give, and forgive generously. Wrap your relationships in the trinity of respect, sincerity, loyalty, and dignity, without ever looking down on anyone.

Never forget to express gratitude for the little or the abundance you possess; that is the essence of living a life of true quality."


Artist: Ashraff 30 - Featuring: Citah 

Chorus: Fiona Cleary - Forrest 

Arrangements, Artistic Direction & Mix: Fabrizio Catinella  / Cat Studio Roma / Urbis et Orbis Records 

Master: Ithil World Mastering Studio / LRS Factory - Recording & Mastering Solutions

Guitars: Fabio Faboulus Forni / Heggy Vezzano / Lorenzo Catinella / PieroDread  

Key boards: David Shiny D Assuntino / Daniele Di Marco / Angelo Gange Cattoni 

Bassline: Fabrizio Catinella 

Drums: Raphaël Ojo 

Collaborations: Piero Dread, Ciro Princevibe Pisanelli (Kamti kamti) - Cristiano Baghino (Drums all we need) 

Graphics: Papeush the ghost


Ashraff 30, The Senegalese-born artist based in Italy, has released his highly anticipated 12-track Album "Remedy". 

Ashraff 30 tracklist for Remedy Album