Ha Boi Productions Presents: Mojelo - In4ma [JUNE 2023]

Artist: Mojelo

Title: In4ma

Genre: Dancehall

Produced by: Ha Boi Productions

Music Executive: Jae_Haboi

Genre: Reggae Dancehall

Released: 06 June 2023

"In4ma" a wicked tune that urges you to guard your information and keep nosy people out of your business. With a thunderous bass and smooth melodies, Mojelo delivers slick rhymes, reminding you of the importance of privacy and keeping your life to yourself. This modern, infectious song will have you grooving and skanking to the island vibes while spreading the message of protecting yourself and staying strong. Share the word like wildfire, as Mojelo's "In4ma" is the anthem for those who know how to move in silence and keep their secrets safe.