Oakland, California rapper/activist, Ras Ceylon, unleashes his new album titled "To Srv The Ppl" (Chalice Row Records) 2022

ALBUM COVER ART-  *Ras Ceylon remained heavily involved in the Justice For Oscar Grant Movement of 2009-2010. This picture was taken at a march when Oscar Grant's killer, Johannes Mehserle, was released after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and serving just 11 months in county jail.

Ras Ceylon "To Srv The Ppl" featuring Sizzla, Prodigal Sunn (Sunz Of Man), La The Darkman, Perfect Giddimani, Timbo King, Solomon Childs and Tragedy Khadafi including production by Dawit Justice, DJ Just Jay, Kinetic 9 (Killarmy) and Dr. Edward Love.

Even before the written word, there was music, a magical vehicle that has driven and shaped many cultures and societies since the beginning of time.  Why is music so powerful?  Simple answer.  It can alter moods, transform one's views, and ultimately inspire change in some of the best cases.

Oakland, California's Sri Lankan American recording artist, Ras Ceylon, has spent over two decades relentlessly organizing his community, providing them with the tools to rise above oppression, and being a voice of the voiceless through his music and activism.

"To Srv The Ppl" (To Serve The People) is Ras Ceylon's first full-length solo release in 10 years (7th album overall), recorded entirely in 2022, embodying thought-provoking politically charged subject matter that revolves around freedom, family, spirituality, and revolutionary change. Ras's socially conscious lyrical imagery is a masterful fusion of hip hop, roots reggae, and dancehall blending straightforward bars of struggle with insightful metaphysical wisdom floating over exquisitely curated soundscapes provided by well-rounded beatsmiths including Dawit Justice, DJ Just Jay, Kinetic 9 (Killarmy), and Dr. Edward Love.

(Ras Ceylon performing at Oregon Reggae Fest)
Photo Credit: Tizzy Tokyo 

Ras Ceylon spoke of "To Srv The Ppl", declaring, "This project is more than just music for me. It is the soundtrack to my way of life and my philosophies. From a young age, I took heed to a higher calling from those in my community to serve the people, all people that are oppressed worldwide. It is this chosen path that translates beyond words into actual physical action. This album is an update of where I currently reside mentally and spiritually. It is an audio journey for listeners into the movement of self-determination."

Released by the Billboard-charting, Miami-based reggae record label, Chalice Row, Ras Ceylon's "To Srv The Ppl" is the label's first hip-hop release boasting notable guest appearances from reggae superstars Sizzla and Perfect Giddimani to longtime Wu-Tang Clan swordsmen Prodigal Sunn (Sunz Of Man), La The Darkman, Timbo King, Kinetic 9 (Killarmy), and Solomon Childs.  "To Srv The Ppl" is unlike any current album in today's market in that it is a rare jewel that shines through originality and authenticity rather than the glorification of crime and violence. "To Srv The Ppl" is OUT NOW on all streaming platforms with physical CDs and Vinyl soon to be available.

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"Rebel On The Roof" ft. Prodigal Sunn