Paul Cultycul Ft. Tia Artist - Got The Love (Tswana Muffin Productions) 2022

Artist: Paul Cultycul Ft. Tia Artist
Title: Got the love
Genre: Reggae 
Label: Tswana Muffin Productions
Producer: King Selector BW
Release date: 18 June 2022
Riddim: 2Kings

Paul Cultycul is a Botswana Reggae Dancehall Artist from a town called Lobatse, where he was born and raised. He is the founder of Botsdancehall genre, whereby they sing in their native language(Setswana/Tswana). 

His 1st album 'Cult Session' was released in September 2007 and was nominated for the best ragga album of the year in the 2nd annual BOMU Awards. His second release was a mixtape named 'Tswana Muffin Mixtape' in September 2021, it was nominated for best ragga album in the 4th Annual BOMU Awards. 

His 3rd Album named ' Dancehall Session' was released in September 2015. He released a collection of singles from 2016 - 2017, called 'Singles Compilation' it was nominated for the BOMU Awards 2017.

International Features: 

1. Money on my Mind Ft. Mr. Oshin (Nigeria). 

2. Go Down Ft. Rawpa Crawpa (UK) 

3. Meet Me Ft. Dynamite Senorita (Zimbabwe)

4. I am in Love Ft. DJ Kastrol (Zambia)

5. Got the Love Ft. Tia (Zimbabwe)


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Paul Cultycul Ft. Tia - Got the love.mp3