Tilibop - All That ( Marvin Amos) July 2020

Title: All That

Artist: Tilibop

Genre: Reggae

Produced By: Marvin Amos

Released: July 2020

Do not go where the path leads, go where there is no path and blaze a trail.” This is the mantra that has kept Tilibop doing just that, Coming from humble beginnings, this reggae sensation had an appreciation for music, as a young child from St. Mary, Jamaica, he grew up amidst the turmoil in the streets of August Town, Jamaica. Initially, listening to music served as an escape from life’s daily struggles, however, the music found the entertainer in him in a surprising way. While singing to a friend, a stranger overheard his melodic voice and invited him to a recording session. He went home, wrote a song and hasn’t looked back since that fateful day twelve years ago. It is that same introspective quality and work ethic that makes Tilibop the consummate vocalist he is today. it is only a matter of time before he captures the attention of music lovers around the world! TILIBOP: “Teaching is love, intelligence breathes opportunity and prosperity.

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