Jah Nissi Haiti Ft. Singer Jah - Freedom Fighters [Official Video] January 2024

Originally from Port-au-Prince, Jah Nissi was born on October 12, his real name Ernst Toussaint. Passionate about football, his dream was to become a professional player. But given the opposition of his parents, he was forced to change his mind. In the neighborhood where he lived, there was a church and it was there that he discovered something in him: the music. In the 90s, his father, who was living in Venezuela, advised them, his younger brother and him, to find someone to teach them music. This is how they met one of the best Haitian bassists today, Moise Thermitus. With him, Ernst learned bass and his brother, the solo guitar. A few years later, he formats the group "Conquistadores" which means: The conquerors. In 1996, his family emigrated to Venezuela. 

Ernst perfected his musical career at a music school where he learned to play drums. A few years passed, his brother, some friends and him, formed a band called "THE WILL" who changed to "Stars" thereafter. But internal conflicts divided the group, some of whom wanted to become non-Christian (pagan). So his brother, two musicians and he left the group. They formed the group "FIRE OF LIFE". The group did not stand up to financial problems. In 2005, he left Venezuela, for the United States to try to achieve his musical dream, but it did not work. Finally in 2007, he moved permanently to Canada. 

He works on his image, his goals, his identity and realizes his big dream: his album. His music is Reggae Roots. He has been influenced by various great singers and musicians such as: Bob Marley, Alpha Blondy, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Morgan Heritage, Bookman Experyans, Eddy Francois, Midnite Nasio Fontaine, and many others. These artists really give him the strength to fight for the lower class, so that's where he comes from. They understand their pains, their vicissitudes of life. Their music has greatly transformed him and they made him what he is today: a Roots musician. It is since he was in Canada that he has discovered his true identity. 

Now he is committed to lead a life of struggle, to advocate reconciliation in his texts. He sings the misery of his people, the despair of a great nation. In his music, we find hope, we can dream of a better tomorrow. He wants to bring the Unit. Jah Nissi, that's all, a messenger of hope.

His latest release "FREEDOM FIGHTERS" ft. Singer Jah, is a song about fighting for our freedom, freedom of speech, fighting for what is good, fighting for our brothers and sisters who are still being oppressed by the Babylon system. With this song he hopes to make a difference, cause things to need to change, no more oppressors, no more masters, no more slavery.

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