Yeza - Tek Chat (Official Music Video) Yeza Music/Sinky Beatz 2022

Title: Tek Chat

Artist: Yeza (JA)

Genre: Reggae

Written and performed By: Yeza

Produced By: Sinky Beatz & Yeza Music

Audio Engineer: Rohan Dweyer

Videography: Vartex Studio

Executive Produced: Yeza Music

Released: 18 Nov 2022

It does not come as a surprise that throughout a decade “youth uprising” has been surging across global regions. The voice of the youth have spoken, whom generally have “low expectations that the government, corporations, and other institutions will prioritize them or take their needs into consideration; the younger generation are connected to topics such as social justice and climate change; these all resonate with Yeza.

YEZA’s latest release “Tek Chat” (produced by Sinky Beats & Yeza Music) is a Third World/Steel Pulse esque reincarnation exemplifying meaningful narrations of the youth crying out and effecting social change. In her own words and citing her inspiration for the track “It is about time that we acknowledge that the bedrock of Jamaican culture and the fascinating assets that we put on display to sell to foreigners, comes from the ‘ghetto minds.’ The ghetto birthed our precious musical genres; the reggae, the dancehall which has been adopted by all.”

In tune with her powerful introduction to the track “Keep the vibes up high and we never gonna let you down!!! Yeza cites many impactful achievements of Jamaicans such as those sportspersons, fashion and creatives amongst others that have risen from impoverished communities to global notoriety despite their humble beginnings.

These expressions create the strong cultural threads of the island birthing genres and new sounds of music, to top athletes, and yet it is these residents that are decimated the most by political intervention and lack of opportunities. Yet, Yeza through her powerful lyricism may be perceived as calling out the government on these matters, however it is to serve as a reminder that the youth most of all are holding their leaders accountable for their own mandates set forth, which includes most of all sustainability and social change for the next generation……

This social commentary “Tek Chat” amplified by classic and modern instruments reminiscent of the greats like King Jammy’s and the great dub era is out worldwide (to include the official music video) on Friday 18th, November 2022.

By Yeza Music.

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